How do I sell a MemberSnap site
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You can definitely flip MemberSnap sites & turn a profit. Your buyers will need a MemberSnap account to host the sites & you can earn commission for that too.

Here are the steps to take to transfer ownership of one of your membersnap sites to another person who has bought that site from you:

Step 1:

Build Your MemberSnap site as usual.  This takes about a minute.  Use Paypal as the payment method for the new site.

Step 2:

Send your buyers to your affiliate link.

A - Make sure you have an account at Affiliate Fleet:

B - Then login and go to the MemberSnap page to retrieve your link:

C - Look for the section titled "Offer URL" and pick the option "Link For MemberSnap Site Buyers" from the dropdown menu.

D - Send this link to your buyer & tell them to set up an account, but DO NOT create any sites.  Just create the account.

E - Get the buyer to send you the email address & login they created.

(optional, if you don't want to worry about affiliate commissions: Just link directly to the Order page: )

Step 3:

Open a support ticket at:

In the subject of the ticket paste in "MemberSnap Site Transfer Request" and request us to transfer the website from your account into the buyers new account.  Be sure to include: Your account (email address and name) where the site is at currently, The domain of the site you're transferring & the buyers account information (email address and name) where you want us to transfer the site.  We'll make the transfer 2-3 business days after the request is submitted.

Step 4:

Transfer the domain name to your buyer as you would normally.

Step 5:

Celebrate!  You just made money!

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