What do I need to do to use PayPal
Posted by on 06 March 2015 10:37 PM

In order to receive your sales through PayPal, you MUST:

a) Enter your paypal email address in your account (for each site individually) using the Website > Payment Options page. (You can also define this when setting up your site)

b) Your PayPal account must be set up as either a Premier or Business account inside of PayPal. You can see and change your Account Type by looking at the My Account > Overview page on It is at the top directly below where it says Welcome, Your Name.

c) You have to set up Auto Return and Payment Data Transfer. If you already have these set up and turned on for another site then you don't need to make any changes.

To see your settings for these options, go to My Account > Profile. Select My selling tools from the left hand navigation. Then select the Update link next to the Website Preferences area.

On that page, if Auto Return is Off, select the button for On (If Auto Return is already on, then leave it on). For the return url, put in the URL to your thank you page: (replacing with the actual URL to your Membersnap site)

Please Note: Membersnap sends the information for where to return the person to for each sale individually, so it doesn't matter what is in Paypal as the return URL (if you already have it set up for another site or need to change it later), it is only important that the feature is turned on. It will work correctly through Membersnap for each site or product you set up once the feature is turned on.

Below that section is the Payment Data Transfer section. Select the button for On. Then go to the bottom of the page and hit Save. (You may see a message about Using an identity token when setting up Payment Data Transfer on your website, you can ignore that message as we send the information with each order.)

(You will only have to do these settings for your first site. After this is set up once, it will work for your other sites as well)

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