Awarding Points for visiting a page not on your site
Posted by on 17 January 2011 12:27 PM

This will only work if you have Contest Burner Ultimate Edition.

This is a work around to award points for visiting a page that is not on the website that Contest Burner is installed on. You are going to use a plugin to do a redirect from a blog page on your site to any other page. You award points for visiting the page on your site, but that page automatically redirects after awarding contest points. is the plugin you want to use. Install and activate the plugin.

Create a page on your Wordpress site and put this on the page: [redirect 1] (will redirect to google in 1 second) and change the google url to whatever page you want to redirect to. You can put some short copy like "You are being redirected now..." above the shortcode or something so that for the 1 second the page is there, the user will know what is happening. You can also change the 1 second to any number if you want to show the page longer before the redirect.

Using the Contest Burner Ultimate feature for awarding points for visiting a page on your site, check the box to do so and award points for the contest you are running. When the person visits the page, they will get the contest points and then be redirected to the page you want to send them to.

This is a great solution if you want to award points for visiting a sponsor. You could also award points for visiting a sponsor's Facebook page. This will award contest points whether or not they Like the page, but its a good way to get people to the page.

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