Unusual or Spammy Contestant Activity
Posted by on 18 February 2011 02:57 PM

Unfortunately, whenever you have an activity where you are giving something of value out, there will be people who try and "game" or "cheat" the system. Contests are particularly subject to this activity, and if not paid attention to, can cause havoc. We have tried to put systems in place which can catch this behavior, but in an effor to avoid "false positives" (meaning legitimate activity that may look fake) we ended up leaving a lot of this responsiblity on the person running the contest. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to watch your contest activity and look for unusual behavior.

The most common tactic is that the person pays a small amount of money to have people click on his contest link and sign up for your contest. There are services all over the place which will allow people to do this. You can usually catch this behavior as the person will get an unusually large amount of points in a very short time.

We built in the user banning ability specifically so you can remove the offenders from your contest. In your contest editing area, you can select the Users tab and just put in the username of the offender and they will no longer show up on your leaderboard and are ineligible to win prizes.

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