Where can I see my contestant's information and activity
Posted by on 06 March 2015 10:38 PM

There are 3 places you can track your contestants and activity:

1. The leaderboard page is the simplest. Here you can see the users and how many points they have.

2. If you have your eMail List set up, you can check your autoresponder and see them there.

3. All contestant information and activity is stored in your Wordpress database. We DO NOT recommend you go looking through your database unless you absolutely know what you are doing. You can cause a lot of trouble not only to your contest, but your entire website if you make a mistake in your database.

If you do feel comfortable with going into your database, most of the contestant's relevant information can be found in the cb_cbdb_usernames (there may be a prefix in there based on your database settings) table. This holds user names, email addresses, and other information.

We are working on the ability to display relevant information on your contestants and their activity in your admin area in a future release of Contest Burner.

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