Choosing an Email Provider
Posted by Scott E. on 16 January 2017 05:39 PM

The quick:  Buy email at the same place you bought your domain.   

There are many factors when choosing your email provider:

  1. How secure is it from hackers?
  2. How secure is it from governments or spy agencies?
  3. How much do you want to pay?
  4. Do you want to use your custom domain or is a free acceptable to you?
  5. How reliable is it?  Is there ever a time your email just doesn’t work?  
  6. Is it backed up and/or guaranteed to not lose your emails?

If your email is linked up to bank accounts and/or anything personal to you, you must have in the very least a strong password and two-factor authentication turned on.  This makes it so that if you sign into your email from a new device, you will receive a text message on your phone with a second pin number that you must enter.  This keeps a hacker from logging in as you from the other side of the globe since they don’t have your phone while a minimal inconvenience to you.

If you want the absolute best which ticks every box: use  It is free unless you want to use a custom domain.  

If you don’t care about governments but you care about hackers, then Gmail, Apple or Microsoft Outlook emails with Two-Factor authentication turned on is acceptable.  Each will allow you to use your custom domain name for a monthly or yearly fee.

If all you care about is having a custom email for your domain, and comfortable with just using a strong password, then cheaper is better as long as it is reliable.  Many times, the registrar you used to purchase your domain will have deals for you.  $1 per month  $3.50 per month  $10 per year

Stay away from Yahoo, which have already been hacked twice with all user accounts stolen.  And if you already use Yahoo, change your password immediately and move to another provider as fast as you can.

Once you make your decision, click here to learn how to set it up with your domain.

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