Where do I log in?
Posted by Curtis B. on 21 August 2019 01:41 PM

Depending on what you are trying to access and the steps you have followed so far the answer to this can be different so we will include multiple answers to this below:


1. If you are looking to get started and need to access the training to help you begin you will need to log into your Job Crusher member area first which you can access here

Once logged in you can access the the course training under the box for 10 Days to Passive income or you can use this link


2. If your site has been completed a site and need to find it, you can do so by logging into your Profit Platform account here

Once here you can use the link at the top for "My Sites" and this will list all current sites you have on your account as well as the link to login.

If the site is not yet complete you can use the login link to check the progress of the site build.

Please note that this is just for accessing the site for the first time with your temporary website and the website and admin urls will change once you have setup your domain name.


3. If you have setup your domain name successfully following the instructions given in the day 2 training here and need to access the final version of your website then you will need to access the admin section of the site using your domain.

For Example if your domain is then you would be able to log in at



-How do I log in?
-Where do I log in?
-How do I get to my dashboard?
-How do I log in to my dashboard?
-How do I access my dashboard?
-How do I log in to my site?
-How do I log in to my site dashboard?
-How do I log in to my training?
-Where is my training?
-Where is my dashboard?
-Where do I find my dashboard in my member's training area?
-Where do I access my dashboard?
-Where is my dashboard in my training?
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