Where would we get the products to offer our members for the membership site
Posted by on 06 March 2015 10:38 PM

MemberSnap is designed for creating membership sites where your users pay you for access to a private members area to get ebooks, videos, reports or other valuable information.

The starter content isn't designed to be all of your long term content. It's just a starting place. When you start to get paying members expect to add content on a monthly basis if you want to charge them for monthly service. You can set up the content so it drip feeds to all future users get it automatically.

There's no pricing guidelines except not to offer it for free. You can also add your own content in your own sites at any point to add value. You can hire ghost writers, buy PLR or MRR products or do it yourself. You can also outsource the product creations so it can be just on autopilot. This is totally optional & only if you feel you want to add more value to your users.

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