There have been a few questions & confusion about our hosting that I wanted to comment on:
Posted by on 01 May 2012 06:19 PM
Our servers are cloud based dedicated servers. This means we can add power to our server farm at any time instantly if we get a heavy load on our systems. our current set-up can handle a dramatic increase in customers before we'd ever even need to add more power. Your sites should be snappy & perform speedily. If you notice anything different - open a ticket with support & they'll sort it out.

Your sites are totally safe: We currently take daily backups and these backups are stored in multiple locations for the best security. Soon, we'll be backing up your sites hourly!

We aren't going anywhere. We have around 5,000 paying customers running MemberSnap sites right now (and we haven't even publicly launched outside of the Warrior forum yet) We'll keep the servers constantly running and down-time to a minimum.

There have been crazy questions like... "What if you guys sell your company? What happens to our sites?" First of all, we don't have any plans to sell our company. However, I suppose if someone offered us a billion dollars we'd probably sell it to them. The thing to realize though is that we've sold you a 12 month promise. if someone buys our company for some reason for a billion dollars before the 12 months are up - they are obligated to keep servicing you and we'll ensure they treat you fairly and with respect when it comes time to renew.

By the way, have you got a billion dollars & feel like giving it to me?

Basically, you're getting better performance than a traditional shared hosting account. However, with ANY hosting there are risks:
  • What happens if some bad guy puts an illegal website on the same server you're hosted on - it can impact you.
  • What happens if the hosting company is bought out?
  • What happens if the hosting company goes out of business (this has happened to friends of mind)
  • What happens if lighting strikes the data center?
  • What happens if a fire breaks out in the data center? (this has happened to me)
  • What happens if the server is hacked? (this happens to HUGE billion dollar companies every day)

The bottom line is that you're getting an equal or better quality hosting and you're paying NOTHING for it. You pay for MemberSnap and it's included for FREE.

I don't think there's a better deal out there for hosting... period.  
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