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Currently, we only support Clickbank and PayPal. We may be adding additional payment and affiliate options at a later date.
Currently, the only payment options are PayPal or Clickbank.
We don't recommend changing payment processors once you start selling, but if this is something you'd like to do, you can.
The payment processor is defined site-wide, so you would not be able to use both on the same site. However, if you have 2 separate MemberSnap sites, you can use PayPal on one and ClickBank on the other.
No, you can use the same PayPal account for all of your sites.
We send the information with each order on where to return the person to after purchasing. You need to make sure you have Auto Return turned on as per the instructions on the Training page.
If you use PayPal, there is no test sales process. You can edit the product to make it very cheap (like 50 cents) and then do your own test purchase. Just remember to change the product back to its original price when you are done. If you are using ClickB...
There are good and bad points to both solutions. Clickbank is a little harder to set up but you tend to get more traffic to your affiliate offers. PayPal is easier to set up but you have to spend more time recruiting affiliates.
In order to receive your sales through PayPal, you MUST: a) Enter your paypal email address in your account (for each site individually) using the WEBSITE > PAYMENT OPTIONS page. (You can also define this when setting up your site) b) Your PayPal accoun...
Step 1: Make sure you have thoroughly read Clickbank's Help on how to submit your products. [] and work with clickbank to get your product approved. Step 2: If you stil...
You can use PayPal or ClickBank. Please note that if you are going to use Clickbank to process your payments, you have to set up each product you wish to sell with them under your own ClickBank account.
We haven't had any issues with people losing PayPal accounts with MemberSnap. You have resell rights from us for every product in the system, which means you have the authority from the product creator to sell the product. My best advice would be to get s...